Wednesday, 5 August 2009

New website, New work

Ever since I met the amazing Mary Virginia Swanson at Santa Fe, I have been looking into rebuilding a new website and I am happy to say that I have taken her advice on board and launched a new website. It will be a few days before all the servers are updated but 99% of visitors should be directed there on first go.

I have also posted my latest project - In Case it Rains in Heaven and images from my currently project - Memories, Dreams; Interrupted.

Rhubarb-Rhubarb and We English

I am just recovering from a really hectic weekend at the Rhubarb Festival in Birmingham. The week prior to that wasn't easy either, trying to print two bodies of new work. But I am glad to say, the responses were really positive and I am confident that there will be lots of positives coming from the weekend.

It was also good to catch up with a few friends and old acquaintances.

One of the highlights was seeing Simon Robert's new book - We English. I first met Simon when he came into my old college as a visiting tutor. I am a fan of his first book Motherland and had been looking forward to seeing his new work. When I saw the spread he had in the last FOTO8, I must admit, I wasn't too impressed by it. It turns out, only 2 images form the book made it into foto8 because of contractual reason..... and the book is really quite brilliant. I will be looking forward to the exhibition next month. Until then, you can read about the journey he took with his family to produce the work.