Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Troika Editions

Three of my images from Farewell in Labrador will be made available through the newly launch Troika Editions. The prints will be sold in three sizes of 

                    20.3cm x 25.4cm,      50cm x 60cm,      100cm x 120cm; 
in editions of 300,                        30,                     3 
priced at          £35                          £350                       £3500

While the idea is not new, the people behind this project are very professional and experienced. But best of all, they have some very good photographers signed up already. It's a great way to start collecting good photography at a price even I can afford.

Check out their website - www.troikaeditions.co.uk

There's also a video of me talking about the images and the project, just remember, the camera adds ten pounds and there were at least 5 cameras on me.

Christmas Tree from Farewell in Labrador is available now.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Review Santa Fe

After days of deliberations, I have decided to accept the invitation and will be attending the juried portfolio reviews in Santa Fe, New Mexico in June. Money was definitely the biggest issue, especially with the pounds being so weak. Apart from the rather high $745 for the event, after flights, hotel and car hire, I am looking at well over £1000 for the weekend, but it's the 3rd time I have applied and I figure I should go and see what all the fuss is about. After all, Alec Soth raved about it on his blog a couple of year ago.

I have read and participate in many discussion in whether portfolio reviews are worthwhile, but I don't think there is a simple yes or no. Of course it's worth it if you get something out of it, be it a gallery representation, print sale, publications or simply some very good advice and direction for your project. A lot of it is down to meeting the right reviewers and perhaps more importantly, having a good body of work to show them. 

In my experience with portfolio reviews, some reviewers are very 'nice' and they will look at your work and listen to what you got to say and respond with a simple 'nice work'. I tried my best to ask the right questions and you might get a more elaborate 'very beautiful work'. Well, if it's compliments I am after, I will go to my mum, thank you very much and she won't charge me £££ for the privilege. Others will hate you work but will have the best advice and opinion to give you.

I was showing People's Park at Rhubarb last year. In the same morning, I had one gallery owner who loved my work and was ready to take me on as one of their artists and another one who thought my work was dull and out dated. It's a reminder that Art is very subjective. Fortunately for me, Rhubarb was a great success and I made my money back ten folds from resulting print sales and exhibitions but I shall be going to Santa Fe with no expectations. 

Anyhow, the main element I enjoyed about these reviews is the chance to see other photographers' work in between the meetings. I have always met nice people with interesting work at these events.