Wednesday, 22 December 2010

In Case it Snows in Heaven

I am a bad blogger, there, I said it. I started this blog hoping to share my thoughts on various things photography. To be fair, I do start a lot of posts, just never get round to finishing them. I will finish the post I started about going to Singapore to visit the Photography Festival there but many of the posts will get deleted.

I have been hoping to have a week of very active blogging as I was supposed to be in Germany printing my book. My life has been completely taken over in the last month or so by this book. Chasing writers, picking fonts, trying to get the cyan out of a certain image, deciding on capitals or not........the minor details. Naively, I really did think the book would be easy. After all, all the images were print ready, I have had the match prints made for a while and I thought I had a pretty good idea how the book would be layout. But nothing prepared me for how much work is involved. A millions minor details that makes the book. Thankfully, I had a great designer who was a pleasure to work with.

I was suppose to be printing there last week but had to be delayed for a couple of reasons. So the dates were fixed for this week. Then the freaking snow came and all the flights are cancelled. The book is going to be printed tomorrow in Heidelberg but unfortunately, I will be in London. It needs to be printed now to have it ready for the up coming shows, so I will just have to trust the printers will do a good job. Someone from Kehrer will be there off course to supervise the printing but I really wish I could have been there, to learn, if nothing else. Guess it could be worse, I could have been stuck at Frankfurt Airport over Christmas.

So the only thing I can share with you is my test print.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.